Renew Your CCC-APT Membership for 2016–2017

We invite you to join CCC-APT for the 2016–2017 program year (September through April). Just fill out and submit the CCC-APT 2016–2017 membership form. Our current fee structure recognizes members who are also current members of our sister chapter BAAPT (Bay Area Association for Psychological Type).

Membership fees are as follows:

Regular CCC-APT Membership: $110
Student CCC-APT Member: $55
Dual Current Member with BAAPT*: $71
Dual Current Student Member with BAAPT*: $41

* You must be a full paying member of BAAPT.

Fill out the CCC-APT 2016–2017 membership form

Membership this year entitles you to free attendance at all programs in the 2016–2017 program year.

Join us for another year of stimulating and practical learning about personality types that will enhance your personal and professional growth while you engage in a growing community.

Questions? Want more information? Contact us at capitalcitychapterapt [at domain] gmail [dot] com.