How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved - Volunteers are always welcome!

The CCC-APT Board is continuously encouraging members and type advocates who are interested in expanding their involvement in CCC-APT.  Volnuteering helps with the many processes necessary for the continued planning and implementation of the CCC-APT programs; so that the chapter can more effectively serve its members and provide learning opportunities / resources for all who are interested. There are many opportunities for further involvement in CCC-APT. We have identified some key areas where the chapter is in immediate need of assistance.

  1. Program Committee -- the committee meets in July/August to select and invitespeakers for the upcoming season 
  2. Registration Table -- at all or some of the six meetings during the season
  3. Refreshments -- at some or all of the meetings
  4. Marketing and Publicity -- add to or enhance existing functions
  5. Membership -- communicate directly with members and potential members
  6. Summarize Evaluations -- can be done from home
  7. Screening Recordings -- can be done on your device from anywhere 
  8. Become a Board Member --
  9. Help in another way not listed here ___________________________

Detailed descriptions of the above areas are available here.

                        Do any of these opportunities interest you? 

It is not too late for you let us know if you can help.  Simply complete this short survey to let us know which activity area or areas (above) you are willing to help with in the coming year.


Thank you,  from the CCC-APT Board of Directors.


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