Declaration of Values

Capital City Chapter-Association for Psychological Type (CCC-APT)Mission Statement CCC-APT offers opportunities for activities, materials, and relationships that promote a learning community focused on Jungian type and related personality systems, and that support individuals in their journey toward personal growth, professional development, and individuation. Declaration of Values The following values are integral to the Capital City Chapter Mission: We value LEARNING that reflects—

  • Quality—providing reliable, cutting edge programs and the best educational resources we can find
  • Openness—to new ideas and ways of doing things
  • Practical Relevance—making our members and their "clients" more productive, effective, knowledgeable, and professional; "clients" may include friends, family, and co-workers
  • Significance—bearing on subjects of interest to our members and community; people attend and participate regularly because the activities are current and have value
  • Fun—we consider opportunities to laugh and play as essential to the learning experience and we make every effort to have them occur effortlessly
  • Deepening—of our understanding, appreciation, and application of psychological type for all who are interested
  • Links—to learning from ourselves and from others: whether these links are between our conscious minds and our unconscious, between presenters and audience, among members, or between members and those not yet familiar with type theories, they all reflect our belief that learning from one another is as important as offering training to others

We value COMMUNITY, and are creating a Community that reflects—

  • Inclusion—welcoming all people, personality types, careers, backgrounds and levels of experience
  • Access—to presenters and peers who can help us understand type concepts and applications—for we are all on this learning path
  • Diversity—of styles, cultures, and approaches to life and work issues; what Isabel Myers called "the constructive use of differences" is honored and promoted
  • Hospitality—to speakers, visitors, and members; this has become a hallmark of the chapter, and we seek to expand it
  • Outreach—to individuals and groups not yet familiar with how type can support their development, work, and constructive interaction with others
  • Systems—that support links, including electronic ones, to people and organizations with quality information about type and temperament
  • Opportunities—to meet, understand, and learn from others

We promote ETHICS that reflect—

  • Ethical use and application of type concepts
  • Ethical administration and interpretation of assessment instruments
  • Modeling constructive and appropriate use of type language and challenging type bias whenever it shows up
  • Doing what is "right, proper, and fair" within our community of type users and with our clients
  • Treating everyone with dignity and respect, listening generously, and moving from the acceptance of differences to truly valuing them; respecting and acknowledging each person’s and each type’s unique contributions
  • Integrity—both in the sense of adhering to ethical and moral principles and in the sense of seeking wholeness, including whole type or whole consciousness (greater access to all the psychological functions) and a whole community

We also aspire to GOOD STEWARDSHIP that reflects—

  • Wise Management—of chapter resources (money, time, and people), by seeking an efficient ratio of effort to results, and by addressing intergenerational equity—respecting today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s
  • Productivity—achieving desired results without wasting time and energy
  • Organization—that supports function rather than interfering with it
  • Transparency—conducting chapter business so that it is free of pretense or deceit, uses open and honest communication, minimizes unresolved tension and conflict, without hidden agendas, and where members have free access to information, including how decisions are made
  • Building—future membership and leadership
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